Our Consumer Background Check Services & Reports

In today's world, consumer background checks have become an everyday segment of everyday life - from finding a babysitter or new tenants, to screening volunteers and even new church members. Both yourself and the people you interact with are impacted by the results of a background check. Consumer background checks are here to stay, and may even become as common as having a cup of coffee in the morning.

USA Background Checks offers a variety of consumer background check services and reports. Our tenant and volunteering background checks are available online and instantly in just 15 minutes. We also provide national sex offender background checks, consumer driving records, state criminal check reports and credit reports. Please contact us directly to obtain more information and to start the application process.

Consumer Disclaimer: Pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Title 18, a fine of $5,000 and/or imprisonment not more than two years, or both, per occurrence, and/or a fine of $2,500 pursuant to state law for each violation, may result from requesting a consumer credit report under false pretenses or without an authorized permissible purpose.

Instant Tenant Screening Background Check

Our Instant Tenant Background Check includes the following searches:

  1. Past Address History
    • Your applicants cannot hide or omit past addresses
  2. Past Criminal Records History
  3. National Sex Offenders Registry Records
  4. (Patriot Act) Terrorist Watch List
  5. Credit Report with FICO score
  6. National Eviction Records History
    • The InstaEviction National Lookup search is now available through USA Background Checks. Our new InstaEviction National Lookup combines the power of a Person Search with our National evictions database. By using the full name and address history associated with the applicant's Social Security Number, deceptive applicant practices, such as omitting an address with an eviction, are prevented. This comprehensive search tool accurately matches the applicant's address and name history. This single, powerful tool ensures you get the most complete and accurate results possible. This proprietary InstaEviction National Look Up search tool will give landlords a competitive edge, delivering a more valuable and comprehensive tenant screening package. With InstaEviction National Lookup we can search every name and address tied to the applicant's Social Security Number.

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Instant Volunteer Screening Background Checks

It is increasingly important that organizations conduct proper due diligence with volunteers, especially those who work with children and other at-risk populations. Our InstaScreen™ volunteer screening software enables volunteer applicants to fill out, pay for, and electronically sign applications and disclosures from any location with a web browser and Internet connection, providing volunteer organizations a cost-effective, reliable, and secure means to protect their interests.

Our Instant Volunteer Screening Background Check includes the following searches:

  1. Past Address History Search
  2. Past Criminal Records History
  3. National Sex Offenders Registry Records
  4. (Patriot Act) Terrorist Watch List

We also offer group and church discounts. Please contact us directly.

View a Sample Volunteer Background Check Report

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Other Consumer Background Check Reports

If you are interested in any of the consumer background checks listed below, please contact us today at 1-877-USA-0036 and we will help you through the application process to obtain your report.

Driving Records

This report provides a report of your motor vehicle history for a minimum of three to seven years. each state's fees and length of report may vary. any additional third-party fees would be a direct pass-through to the client. *pa, wa and nh require wet signature signed release forms - electronic signatures are not accepted. please contact us.

State Criminal

A data based statewide search may yield information from multiple counties in a given state that report to a repository, useful for discovering crimes outside of the immediate area in which the subject lives or works. A state criminal search determines felony and/or misdemeanor criminal records statewide. A 7 year search is standard but some records can be researched back further at the request of the client (10 years). Please contact us.

Credit Report

Provides you with a detailed report of your history, with or without current credit score (FICO). This search can only be used according to the provisions set forth in Title 28 Privacy Act, Freedom of Information Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and local and state applicable laws. Please contact us.