Pre-employment Drug Screen & Drug Screening Services

Substance Abuse Detection - Drug Screening Services offered at over 1,800 locations

Workplace drug abuse costs companies millions of dollars every year. According to the government's annual Household Survey on Drug Abuse in America, more than three-quarters (76.4%) of all illicit drug users ages 18 and older are employed full or part time.

USA Background Checks’ pre-employment drug screen will meet your occupational testing needs and offers a wide variety of drug screening options. We utilize more than 1,800 Nationwide Collection sites and adhere to all federal requirements and guidelines. Our numerous pre-employment drug screen and testing options combined with our consistently excellent service is the primary focus of our occupational drug-free workplace testing services.,

Is drug testing in the workplace necessary?
Take a look at the numbers.

  • 79% of drug users are working
  • 47% of workplace accidents that result in serious injury involve drug and/or alcohol abuse
  • 40% of workplace accidents that result in death involve drug and/or alcohol abuse.