Tenant Screening Background Check

Credit Report (includes Credit Score)

Provides a detailed report of the applicant's history, with or without current credit score (FICO). Employee and Consumer reports available. This search can only be used according to the provisions set forth in Title 28 Privacy Act, Freedom of Information Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and local and state applicable laws.

National Sex Offender Search

The Multi-State Sex Offender Registry search provides sex offender case information in an easy-to-read report. This includes pictures of registered sex offenders to validate identity- if available from state agencies and a link to the jurisdiction's website for more information if available.

National Criminal Records Search

This search is a nationwide, instant search of a criminal records database. Learn about prison and probation sentences, offense history and more. Our National Criminal Report may include: Comprehensive Nationwide Criminal History; County Courts Data; Global Homeland Security Database; National Sex Offender Database; information from state agencies proprietary offender data; Department of Corrections; Administrative Office of the Court; Department of Public Safety, and Traffic Court.

Eviction Search, Statewide and/or National

We use the most comprehensive 50-state evictions database available. We offer either a state wide or national Eviction search. This is information not generally included on a credit report. You may receive: court description, case number, dates, amount, defendant name, and address. We do include in this search the different stages of the eviction process so you will not only just receive the final eviction records. Since eviction records may not have sufficient information to establish an exact identity, eviction search results should be taken as indicator of information to be verified prior to making a rental decision. Please note that not all counties in each state report this information.

Landlord References

Just like our verifications for employment, our staff will call previous landlords and verify with them dates of lease, did they leave with proper notice, move in and out dates, did they pay as agreed, were they late on payments and anything else that our clients want us to ask. This tenant screening background check is a great time saver for any landlord and also very efficient way to find out the real information that you need to know before you lease your property. We can also verify employment and salary to verify income of applicant.

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This report includes:

  • Person Search (Social Security Number Verification)
  • National Criminal Records Search
  • Credit Report

*Applicant must fill out and electronically sign application